Can Jokes Be Considered Sexual Harassment?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed sexual harassment in the workplace. But for years after its enactment, men and women continued to endure the indignities and trauma of sexually invasive words and acts in their place of work.  One reason that sexual harassment and […]

Difference Between Lawyer and Attorney

What is a lawyer and when do you need one? Is an attorney a different professional and do they do a different job?  On television and the big screen, we often hear the words “lawyer” and “attorney” used to mean the same thing. But are […]

How Far Back Can You Claim Unpaid Wages in California?

Have you recently learned that your current or former employer did not pay you all of the wages and income you’ve earned? Have you known for a while that something was off about your paychecks, but just learned about your wage rights? Unfortunately, sometimes California […]

Are You Getting Paid Your Rightful Overtime Wages?

Under California law, employees are entitled to overtime wages for overtime work. Each non-exempt worker (which typically refers to hourly workers) in San Diego and the state of California must be paid time and a half or double time when their hours exceed eight and […]