About Ferraro Vega San Diego, CA Employment Lawyers

Ferraro Vega Employment Lawyers, Inc. is a labor and employment law firm representing plaintiffs in litigation throughout California. The firm does business throughout Southern California as Ferraro Vega San Diego Employment Lawyers. The firm was founded in 2018 as Ferraro Employment Law, Inc. and is owned and operated by Nicholas J. Ferraro and Lauren N. Vega.    

A Focus On Employee Rights 

Our practice focuses entirely on labor and employment litigation benefiting workers.  We help people who are wrongfully terminated, denied basic employee rights, or not paid their earned wages.  Our attorneys file individual lawsuits, arbitrations, and class, collective, and representative actions on behalf of employees for violations of the California Labor Code, Unfair Competition Law, Private Attorneys General Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as the and Fair Employment and Housing Act.  We bring claims that have a positive effect on employees, companies, the economy, and labor policies and practices generally. 

We represent people who were not paid the wages they earned and individuals who are the victims of unlawful discrimination, retaliation, and harassment and other unfair treatment in the workplace.  We only work on labor and employment law cases, which leads to better service and results for our clients. 

The Free Case Consultation Process 

We file cases that we believe we will win for our clients.  This process starts by meeting with a potential new client for a confidential case assessment at no charge.  Once we take on a new matter, we thoroughly investigate the claims, speak to witnesses, review documents, and file the necessary notices and claim. Our process and case selection allows us to file limited cases with a high success rate. 

Our case consultations are always free and confidential.  We understand that your potential case is important to you.  There are no-obligations for a free case consultation, and you will be better informed of your rights regardless of whether you choose to work with us on your case. 

Contingency Fee Lawyer Representation

We represent our clients on a contingency fee basis.  This means there are no costs or fees unless we win or settle the case.  If we are able to take your case, we explain the process and what you can expect.  In class or collective actions, we explain to you what is required as the named plaintiff and your obligations to the class or group of aggrieved employees as a whole.  

Labor And Employment Law Expertise 

We have the skill and experience to litigate the most challenging cases.  Our attorneys previously worked in the top labor and employment law departments of some of the largest law firms in the United States, working closely with executives and in-house counsel of Fortune 500 and other large companies on complex legal matters.  They have advised and structured virtually every type of employee policy and compensation plan and are regularly called upon to speak and write on employee rights and legal issues. 

Our employment law firm now provides the same quality of legal services to predominantly hourly employees. Our big law firm experience provides our clients with a high quality of service and strategic advantage in litigation.

Our Clients

Our clients are often referred to us through lawyers and current and former clients.  Our clients are employed in virtually every type of industry: service, restaurant and hospitality; micro-brewing; medical, nursing, health care, home care, and hospice; biomedical and biotechnology; publishing, marketing, and advertising; sales; agriculture; information technology; media and entertainment; manufacturing; aerospace and maritime; defense and government contracting; transportation; among many others. We take our referral and client relationships seriously and always aim to earn their trust and respect. 

Class And PAGA Counsel 

We currently serve as class action counsel in wage and hour litigation involving 100 to 10,000+ employees.  Our attorneys prosecute unlawful employment and payroll practices that deprive individuals of overtime, premiums, reimbursements, incentives, and other earned wages. 

We are currently prosecuting cases on behalf of large groups of current and former employees in state and federal courts throughout California.  In cases involving claims under the Private Attorneys General Act, our attorneys vindicate California’s wage and hour and safety laws as a private attorney general on behalf of the aggrieved employees and the State of California via the LWDA. 

Illustrative Cases 

Our labor and employment litigation practice is all encompassing.  A few of our illustrative cases are as follows: 

  • Litigation of PAGA claims involving statewide group of 6,000+ non-exempt LVNs and home care workers providing pediatric home care services for on-duty meal and rest periods, wage statements, regular rate of pay overtime, and related claims. 
  • Litigation of disability discrimination, failure to engage in the interactive process, and wrongful termination claims on behalf of customer service employee of a technology company. 
  • Litigation of whistleblowing, harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination claims on behalf of a former human resources executive of a nationwide online retailer. 
  • Litigation of PAGA claims involving statewide group of 10,000+ non-exempt healthcare administrative employees of a large private hospital group for wage statement claims. 
  • Litigation of PAGA and class claims involving statewide group of 750+ non-exempt employees of a government contractor for meal and rest period premiums, regular rate of pay overtime, and related claims. 
  • Litigation of PAGA and class claims involving group of 100+ agricultural workers of a large packing company for meal and rest periods, wage statements, and related claims. 
  • Litigation of PAGA and class claims involving 500+ non-exempt commissioned sales people of three subsidiaries of a diversified software company for regular rate of pay overtime, wage statements, reimbursements, meal and rest periods, and related claims. 
  • Litigation of PAGA and class claims involving 400+ non-exempt commissioned delivery drivers and merchandisers of nationwide distributor for regular rate of pay overtime, reimbursements, wage statements, meal and rest periods, and related claims. 
  • Litigation of PAGA and class claims involving statewide group of 4,000+ non-exempt employees of a nationwide valet company for regular rate of pay overtime, wage statements, meal and rest periods, reimbursements, and related claims. A more detailed list of active and concluded cases can be found in our cases page.   

Publications And Presentations 

Over the years, our attorneys have been featured in publications on a range of labor and employment law topics.  They have been featured in the California Employment Law LetterLos Angeles Daily JournalLaw360HR Daily AdvisorLexologyMondaq, the University of La Verne Law Review, and in client publications and alerts.   

Our lawyers have also presented with employment law panels, seminars, and courses hosted through the San Diego County Bar Association, San Diego State University College Global Campus, San Diego HR Forum, Monitor Liability MyHRHelp Webinar Series, the University of San Diego School of Law, BB&T Breakfast Briefings, Procopio Labor & Employment Law Annual Seminars, Duane Morris Developments in Employment Law annual series, Gordon & Rees Employment Webinars, and on the Flatten the Curve podcast series.  

We stay up-to-date on the ever-changing field of regulations, cases, and practices of California and federal labor and employment law that govern the cases we file.  


Our practice necessarily involves voluminous records and data.  We use the latest technology to maximize the efficiency of our work, working with data management providers, expert witnesses, vendors, and other professionals to categorize and synthesize data, emails, and records.  This allows us to obtain the universe of discoverable evidence in a case and organize it so that we can effectively present to a judge, jury, mediator, or arbitrator.

How to get in touch 

If you or a loved one are in a challenging situation at work or have been fired, mistreated, or underpaid, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your circumstances.  There is no cost or risk to learning about your labor and employment law rights before you make a decision how to proceed.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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