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Whether you work in the healthcare, hospitality, technology, transportation, or service industry, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Furthermore, you’re entitled to certain protections under state and federal law. If your employer has violated your rights, they must be held to account. That’s where Ferraro Vega San Diego Employment Lawyers can help. 

In employment law disputes, there are two sides to the coin – the employee and the employer. Before founding Ferraro Vega Employment Lawyers, we spent years representing employers.

We understand just how prepared they are – legally and financially – to defend against claims that they’ve broken the law. We also understand where weaknesses in those defenses will lie. Today, we’re ready to use our knowledge, experience, and insight to work for your benefit.

We can help. All you have to do is give our employment law office in San Diego a call to learn more. Your first consultation is free – so connect with us by phone or online today.

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I called Nick Ferraro because of all the outstanding reviews I read about him. After working with Nick, I have to say that even the best reviews do not even do him justice. Nick is the most thorough and responsive attorney I have ever encountered. His follow up and attention to detail are impeccable. It is obvious he knows every facet of employment law like the back of his hand. On top of all that, Nick is just the friendliest person – even though we did not meet in person due to Covid-19, I felt like I already knew him through our phone chats and email correspondence. In short, Nick Ferraro is beyond outstanding and I would recommend no other attorney except Nick for any work-related matter.


Highly recommend this firm for their professionalism and commitment to their clients. Lauren Vega is a world-class lawyer! She is a great listener and clear communicator, which is exactly what you need in a situation that can be full of stress and uncertainty.


I am incredibly impressed with Nick and the work he does. He is knowledgeable, smart, diligent, patient and articulate – he knows his stuff and is thorough with his research. Unlike most lawyers I’ve come across in the past, he’s actually a nice guy who is sincere and genuinely cares about helping others. It was such a pleasure to work with him. He was understanding of my frustrations and listened to my concerns without minimizing or making assumptions. He was thoughtful and intuitive in his approach and explained things very clearly. If it weren’t for him, I’d still be tolerating an unfair work situation. I highly recommend him and would definitely turn to him again for help if the need were to arise.


Ferraro Employment Law was referred to me by another attorney who had nothing but positive comments and praise regarding this firm. Lauren Vega and Nick Ferraro are exceptional attorneys. Lauren Vega was extremely professional throughout our entire time working together and I felt that I could really trust her expertise. Her extensive knowledge, patience, and commitment to her clients really shows through and I can’t thank her enough for all the hard work Lauren has put into helping me. Lauren really took the time to help me understand the in’s and out’s of the legal process and answered all of my questions -which I know for most can be confusing and unfamiliar territory. I highly recommend Ferraro Employment Law.


I had the very good fortune to be referred to Nick Ferraro by a good family friend who happens to work in HR. While working with Nick, I have felt assured through the whole process that I have a lawyer that has the experience, is ethical, and can smoothly navigate through a very difficult, sudden termination of employment.

I trusted Nick from the very first conversation I had with him late on a Friday afternoon. By Monday morning, I felt I had a trusted adviser and someone that could navigate me through this difficult process.


I spoke with several lawyers about my situation, and only one or two were as kind and considerate as Nick. The others were hyper-concerned about whether or not they would make ‘enough’ money on the case, namely the contingency-based attorneys. Nick, on the other hand, cares about doing the right thing and helping people in need. You will find that he is a stand-up guy and an all-round decent human being. Not only is he these things, but he is also hard-working and highly effective. He was able to successfully play the games the company and their lawyers were playing in order to double the severance that they originally offered.


Our Cases

Actively Fighting to Right the Wrongs You’ve Encountered

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January 23, 2020

Ramirez v. Towne Park

Who does this case affect? All individuals who worked for Towne Park in California as a non-exempt or hourly guest service associate, valet, attendant, or similar position at any time during the period of January 23, 2016 through the present date. What are the allegations?… read more

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October 10, 2019

Belmontez v. MAAC

Who does this case affect? All individuals who work or worked as a non-exempt employee for any of the MAAC series of entities in California during the period of October 10, 2015 through the present date. What are the allegations? The complaint alleges (1) failure… read more

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September 27, 2019

Jimenez v. Reyes Holdings, Crest Beverage

Who does this case affect? All individuals who worked for Crest Beverage as a non-exempt or hourly employee in California during the period of September 27, 2015 through June 2, 2020. What are the allegations? The complaint claims (1) failure to pay all wages; (2)… read more

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March 16, 2020

Morton v. Karl Strauss

Who does this case affect? All individuals who work or worked as a non-exempt employee in California for Karl Strauss during the period of January 10, 2019 to the present date. What are the allegations? The complaint alleges and seeks civil penalties under the Private… read more

View Case

July 15, 2019

Siano et al. v. Puffy Delivery, Monex Place Wellness, Stone Services

Who does this case affect? All individuals who work or worked as a non-exempt employee for the Puffy Delivery series of entities in California during the period of July 15, 2015 through the present date. What are the allegations? The complaint alleges (1) failure to… read more

View Case

May 26, 2020

Mason v. Fairn & Swanson (Baja Duty Free)

Who does this case affect? All individuals who work or worked for Fairn & Swanson (Baja Duty Free) as a non-exempt employee in California during the period of February 12, 2019 to the present date. What are the allegations? The complaint alleges and seeks civil… read more

View Case

July 9, 2019

Rojas v. Constellation Homebuilder Systems, Z57, Zurple

Who does this case affect? All individuals who worked as a non-exempt employee for Z57, Zurple, or Constellation Homebuilder Systems in California during the period from July 9, 2015 through November 30, 2019. What are the allegations? The complaint alleges (1) failure to pay all… read more

View Case

Hernandez v. Urbn Leaf Dispensary

Who does this case affect? All individuals who work or worked for Urbn Leaf in California as a non-exempt employee during the period of December 29, 2019 to the present. What are the allegations? A notice has been filed with the Labor and Workforce Development… read more

View Case

May 14, 2019

Soto et al. v. Bonita Packing Co.

Who does this case affect? All individuals who worked as a non-exempt “Cooler” employee for Bonita Packing Co. in California during the period from May 14, 2015 through June 17, 2020. What are the allegations? The complaint alleges (1) meal period violations; (2) rest period… read more

View Case

June 5, 2020

Angotti v. Azul Hospitality

Who does this case affect? All individuals who work or worked as a non-exempt or hourly employee in California during the period of March 31, 2019 to the present for Azul Hospitality Group, Azul Hospitality Management, Azul Hospitality, and related entities. What are the allegations?… read more

View Case
San Diego Employment Law

Employee Rights Advocates

Why You Should Trust Ferraro Vega With Your San Diego Labor & Employment Dispute

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You work hard, day in and day out. Your paycheck should reflect that. However, if your employer fails to compensate you properly for overtime, misclassified your employment status, or fails to provide you with breaks or reimbursements – you might find yourself shortchanged at the end of the day. 

That’s simply inexcusable – and our San Diego employment law attorneys will fight to fix the situation for you and your coworkers.

Collectively, our savvy attorneys have extensive experience navigating the most complex and contentious employee-related disputes. We’ve seen the lengths to which employers will go to line their own pockets at the expense of hard-working employees like you. We’re ready to put the full force of our experience and every resource available to our employment law.

Contact our Southern California employment law office to arrange a time to sit down with a member of our team to learn more. We’re always standing by to take your call – so please don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation now.

Employment Law Attorneys Giving You a Fighting Chance to Get the Results You Deserve

Employment Attorney Nicholas Ferraro San Diego

We’ll Work Around the Clock, If That’s What it Takes

Whether your employer has refused to acknowledge the overtime hours you completed or you’ve been forced to take breaks without pay, one thing is certain. You’ve been underpaid, and that can have ripple effects across your life. You have expenses and rely on your paycheck to make ends meet. This is a pressing matter, and Ferraro Vega San Diego Employment Lawyers understands that.

Our lawyers in San Diego, CA are committed to jumping into action as soon as you ask for help. And, we won’t stop working until we can get your employer to commit to getting the money you deserve in your hands. If that means we have to work around the clock to get the job done – that’s what we’re prepared to do. We’ll go above and beyond for you – because you deserve it.

Ferraro Vega Experienced San Diego Employment Lawyers

Highly-Rated, Experienced Employment Attorneys In Your Corner

At Ferraro Vega San Diego Employment Lawyers, we genuinely care about each and every client we represent. Our connection with our clients and our ability to empathize is what drives our practice. Our experience, insight, and commitment to employment law, and our clients yields positive results for employees throughout California.

This has gained the respect of our peers, clients, and adversaries alike. And, national legal organizations have taken note, too. One of our founding employment attorneys has been named a “Rising Star” by Thomson Reuter’s Super Lawyers – something less than 2.5% of attorneys under the age of 40 can say.

Whether you want to pursue an individual claim or join a class action against your employer, Ferraro Vega Employment Lawyers can help. Contact our employment law attorneys in San Diego, California to discuss your legal rights and options today. Your initial evaluation is free.

If you’ve been mistreated in the workplace, our San Diego employment attorneys will help you fight to make things right.

Representing Aggrieved Workers in all Employment Disputes

San Diego Wage and Hour Disputes

Wage and Hour Disputes

Under California labor law, hourly workers are entitled to overtime pay if their workday exceeds 8 hours. Employers are legally required to pay overtime, and failing to do so can result in some harsh penalties. If you’ve been deprived of overtime pay, our attorneys can help you file a claim, secure the compensation to which you’re entitled, and hold your employer accountable.

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San Diego Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination

While it’s true that most employment contracts are “at will,” there are some reasons that simply can’t be used as the basis for an employee’s termination. You can’t be fired for reporting misconduct, nor can you be let go because you refuse to reciprocate your boss’s sexual advances. If you suspect that your termination was unlawful, our legal team will help you gather the proof that will be needed to file a successful legal action against your employer.

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Bonuses and Commissions San Diego

Bonuses & Commissions

The terms of an employment contract are binding. If yours entitles you to bonuses and commissions when certain milestones are achieved, your boss is legally required to extend that compensation to you. If you’ve been deprived of bonuses and commissions that you’re rightfully due in the course of employment, it is important to take immediate steps to hold your employer to account. Filing a legal action can force their hand and get the money you’re owed in your hands.

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Vacation PTO San Diego

Vacation & PTO

PTO and vacation days are wages that, if offered by an employer in California, can’t be revoked. Nor do they expire. If you leave your place of employment, the value of any accrued vacation time must be paid to you. Employers often try to sidestep paying employees for the wages they’ve earned. Our attorneys know these tactics all too well – and can help you put an end to an illegal withholding of compensation you deserve.

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Meal and Rest Breaks San Diego

Meal & Rest Breaks

If you’re an hourly worker, California law says that you’re entitled to meal and rest breaks. If those aren’t provided, your paycheck must reflect an extra hour’s worth of work. Unfortunately, meal and rest break violations are often front-and-center in employment matters. Our attorneys will help you fight to secure back pay you’re owed if your employer didn’t give you time to rest while you were on the clock.

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Discrimination San Diego


Workplace discrimination is explicitly prohibited under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). It’s prohibited under Federal law, too. This means that you can’t be mistreated or deprived of opportunity because of a protected characteristic (e.g., sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, disability, marital status, age, or military status). If you believe that you’ve been the victim of discrimination at work, our legal team will dig deep to gather proof and initiate legal action against your employer.

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Sexual Harassment San Diego

Sexual Harassment

Under California state law, all workers are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. Sexual harassment  – either quid pro quo or repeated advances that create a hostile work environment – makes that impossible. Victims of sexual harassment in San Diego can pursue compensation for fallout – including damages for lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional distress and suffering.

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San Diego Class Actions

Class Actions

When multiple employees are mistreated by an employer, a class action lawsuit can be a successful tool. Our law group represents employees in PAGA wage and hour class actions, as well as cases involving other egregious violations of California labor and employment law. If your employer has violated the law and you’ve suffered as a result, we might be able to help you fight for a just result.

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San Diego Leaves and Accomodation

Leaves & Accommodations

Some workers require certain accommodations to help them do their jobs. Others need time off to tend to a medical issue at home. Both California and Federal law (e.g., FEHA, FMLA, ADA) provide that employers must ensure that workers have the opportunity to take leave and have access to necessary accommodations, without repercussion or consequence. If your employer failed to provide accommodations or refused to allow you to take leave, it is important to consult our attorneys. We can help you fight for what you need and protect your job at the same time.

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Labor Lawyers Ready to Represent You in California State or Federal Court

Employment disputes can be complicated. And, it’s important to recognize that your employer probably has considerable resources at their disposal to fight the claims that you were underpaid, wrongfully terminated, or harassed in the workplace. The best thing you can do to protect yourself and emerge with a win is by getting a San Diego labor law attorney involved in your case as soon as you decide to take action. 

Know this: your choice of employment attorney matters. The firm you hire to represent your interests can ultimately make or break your case. It can be the difference between walking away with nothing, getting a mediocre settlement, and securing every last penny you deserve. 

At Ferraro Vega San Diego Employment Lawyers, our attorneys have extensive experience handling employment law disputes at both the federal and state levels. We always aim to negotiate a settlement but rest assured that we’ll be more than ready to take your case to a judge, if necessary.

San Diego, California

Skilled negotiators and tried-and-true litigators fighting for you.

Call our employment lawyers for help today.

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Demonstrated Ability in Employment Law to Give Mistreated Workers a Victory

You’ve been mistreated at work. You deserve a win. Our San Diego employment lawyers are committed to helping you walk away with a victory in hand and your head held high. We work hard on behalf of our clients and get results.

And, we genuinely care about the workers we represent. The fact that our former clients recommend us to co-workers, friends, and family is a testament to that.

If you’ve been the victim of discrimination, harassed by a co-worker or employer, deprived of compensation you rightfully deserve, or otherwise mistreated in the workplace, we are here for you. Our team of employment attorneys promise to do everything in our power to help you get a win.

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