California Overtime Laws 2024 – What Every Worker Should Know

One of the most common forms of wage theft occurs when employers don’t pay out the overtime that their employees have earned. Some employers get away with not doing so for years, in part because their employees don’t actually know when they are entitled to […]

Does Cash in Lieu of Benefits Compensation Affect Your Overtime Pay Rate?

Cash in lieu of benefits compensation impacts the overtime pay rate for employees. If you believe your employer is not paying the correct overtime rate, you should speak with a San Diego wage and hours lawyer as soon as possible. What is Cash in Lieu […]

Can an Employer Avoid Paying Overtime by Placing Employees on an Alternative Workweek Schedule in San Diego (AWS)?

Employees deserve to be paid fair wages for their service. California has some of the most favorable wage and hour laws in the country, including laws requiring overtime pay.  Most employers are required to pay overtime wages when an employee works over eight hours in […]

Are Nurses Exempt from Overtime in California?

Nurses have one of the toughest jobs on the planet. These frontline workers routinely put themselves in harm’s way in order to serve the community. The job is exhausting and stressful, yet for many, extremely rewarding. That is, as long as the hospital they work […]

Are You Getting Paid Your Rightful Overtime Wages?

Under California law, employees are entitled to overtime wages for overtime work. Each non-exempt worker (which typically refers to hourly workers) in San Diego and the state of California must be paid time and a half or double time when their hours exceed eight and […]