Flat Rate Confidential Employee Severance Agreement Review

Our firm provides three flat rate, fixed fee services to help individuals who are presented with a severance agreement in connection with their employment:

  • Standard ($995) – Confidential review of your proposed severance agreement, attorney review of your answers to our questionnaire, and a 30-minute telephone call where one of our attorneys will explain each provision of the severance agreement to you and advise on ways you may wish to negotiate or improve your severance. Single service. – Best for most employees who want peace of mind.
  • Plus ($1,495) – Same as Standard option, but with limited follow up by email. – Best for employees who want a second opinion and follow up.
  • Premium ($1,950) – Same as Plus, but with an additional email communication follow up and additional 30-minute telephone call included. Best for employees who require additional guidance.

To initiate this process, please complete the following form on the side of the page and we will contact you within the same or next business day.

Employees who are terminated from employment are often presented with a severance agreement or severance package that provides anywhere from a few weeks to months of pay in exchange for a severance of employment and release of all claims. This means you accept additional money from your employer in exchange for giving up any and all claims you may have against them.

Severance pay ranges based on your claims, years of employment and other issues. Additionally, severance agreements often include confidentiality, liquidated damages, non-disparagement, and other legal terms that will restrict your rights.

If you are presented with a severance agreement, you may want to have an attorney review the situation. We have seen a growing need for employment attorneys to review severance agreements and have created this service to fill a gap in the market where people need quick access to lawyers on severance issues.

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