Full Title - Wood v. Hikei Modern Cannabis, 2018HMO LLC, 2018HMPF LLC

Court - San Diego County Superior Court

Number - 37-2021-00053035-CU-OE-CTL

Status - Resolved

Who does this case affect?

All individuals currently or formerly employed by Hikei Modern Cannabis in the State of California as hourly non-exempt employees at any time from December 20, 2017 through the time of trial in this action.

What are the allegations?

The complaint alleges (1) failure to pay all minimum wages, (2) failure to pay all overtime wages, (3) meal period violations, (4) rest period violations, (5) untimely payment of wages, (6) wage statement violations, (7) waiting time penalties, (8) failure to reimburse business expenses, (9) failure to provide records, (10) violations of the Unfair Competition Law, (11-20) Civil Penalties under PAGA. 

Case Summary: 

Plaintiff alleges Hikei Modern Cannabis engaged in a pattern of editing employees’ time records that resulted in an underpayment of regular and overtime wages to Plaintiff and other employees. Plaintiff further alleges Hikei Modern Cannabis also maintained an unlawful automatic meal period policy, whereby meal periods were entered and/or deducted regardless of whether they were actually taken. Plaintiff alleges Hikei also required Plaintiff and other employees to work through their meal and rest breaks, failed to pay Plaintiff and other employees for such time, and also failed to pay any meal or rest period premiums to Plaintiff and other employees. Hikei also allegedly failed to reimburse Plaintiff and other employees for necessary business expenses, including for the use of personal cell phones as a requirement of employment. As a result of these violations, Hikei allegedly failed to timely pay Plaintiff and Class Members each period on paydays and upon separation of employment, and thus are liable for waiting time and other statutory penalties.


Wood v. Hikei - First Amended Class and Representative Action Complaint


What can you do?

If you believe you are part of this case or received a letter about it, you may contact us for information about this case. You can also review our Class Action FAQ or learn about our ongoing Wage and Hour Investigations.