Full Title - McCormack v. Sterling Jewelers and Signet Jewelers

Court - San Diego County Superior Court

Number - 37-2022-00008433-CU-OE-CTL

Status - Pending

Who does this case affect?

All Class Members who worked for Sterling Jewelers Inc. and/or Signet Jewelers Ltd. at any time from March 4, 2018, through the date of trial in this action and who were not paid all regular, overtime, or minimum wages for all hours worked each pay period.

These employees include those who worked at Signet Jewelers, the parent company of Sterling Jewelers, doing business as Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared, Banter by Piercing Pagoda, Diamonds Direct, JamesAllen.com, Rocksbox, Peoples Jewelers, H. Samuel, and Ernest Jones.  

What are the allegations?

The complaint alleges (1) failure to pay all minimum wages, (2) failure to pay all overtime wages, (3) meal period violations, (4) rest period violations, (5) untimely payment of wages, (6) wage statement violations, (7) underpaid sick leave, (8) underpaid Covid-19 supplemental sick leave, (9) waiting time penalties, (10) failure to reimburse business expenses, (11) violations of the Unfair Competition Law. 

Case Summary: 

Plaintiff alleges Sterling Jewelers maintained a policy and practice of unpaid, off-the-clock work during uncompensated meal periods. Plaintiff alleges she and other Class Members were required to be available on the salesfloor to communicate with customers, and complete various tasks, but were required to clock out. As a result, Sterling Jewelers allegedly deprived Plaintiff and other Class Members of minimum, regular, and overtime wages for these hours worked, along with meal period premiums. 


McCormack v. Sterling Jewelers and Signet Jewelers - Class Action Complaint


What can you do?

If you believe you are part of this case or received a letter about it, you may contact us for information about this case. You can also review our Class Action FAQ or learn about our ongoing Wage and Hour Investigations.