Full Title - Garcia v. STG International, Inc.

Court - United States District Court for the Southern District of California

Number - 20-CV-1701-AJB-LL

Status - Pending

Who does this case affect?

All individuals who work or worked at ICE Detention Centers s a non-exempt employee for STG International in the United States during the period of August 31, 2016 through the present date.

What are the allegations?

The complaint alleges (1) failure to pay wages (minimum and regular wages); (2) failure to pay overtime wages; (3) failure to pay all wages due upon separation of employment (waiting time penalties); (4) failure to provide accurate itemized wage statements; (5) failure to provide meal periods; (6) failure to permit rest breaks; (7) unfair business practices; and (8) civil penalties under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA).


Garcia v. STG International

What can you do?

If you believe you are part of this case or received a letter about it, you may contact us for information about this case. You can also review our Class Action FAQ or learn about our ongoing Wage and Hour Investigations.