Full Title - Chowning et al. v. Freedom Mortgage Corporation

Court - San Diego County Superior Court

Number - 37-2022-00005613-CU-OE-CTL

Status - Resolved

Who does this case affect?

All individuals currently or formerly employed by Freedom Mortgage Corporation in the State of California as hourly non-exempt employees at any time from February 10, 2018 through the date of trial in this action.

What are the allegations?

The complaint alleges (1) failure to pay all minimum wages, (2) failure to pay all overtime wages, (3) meal period violations, (4) rest period violations, (5) untimely payment of wages, (6) wage statement violations, (7) failure to provide paid sick leave, (8) waiting time penalties, (9) failure to reimburse business expenses, (10) violations of the unfair competition law, (11–22) claims for civil penalties under the Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 (PAGA). 

Case Summary: 

Plaintiff alleges Freedom Mortgage Corporation unlawfully required employees work off-the-clock during uncompensated meal periods, resulting in unpaid minimum wages and overtime for those hours worked. Freedom Mortgage failed to pay overtime, meal and rest period premiums, and paid sick leave at the regular rate of compensation. Freedom Mortgage also allegedly maintained unlawful meal and rest policies that rendered statutory breaks late, short, missed, or interrupted, without payment of corresponding meal or rest period premium. Freedom Mortgage allegedly failed to reimburse employee expenses. As a result, Plaintiff alleges Freedom Mortgage failed to provide accurate itemized wage statements, and thus are liable for waiting time and other statutory penalties in addition to the underlying wages, sick leave, premiums, attorney’s fees, interest, and reasonable litigation costs. Plaintiffs also seek to recover civil penalties under the PAGA for Freedom Mortgage Corporation’s violation of the California Labor Code. 


Chowning v. Freedom Mortgage Corp. - Class Action Complaint


What can you do?

If you believe you are part of this case or received a letter about it, you may contact us for information about this case. You can also review our Class Action FAQ or learn about our ongoing Wage and Hour Investigations.