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Julia Jiang Yu, Esq. is a labor and employment attorney based in San Diego, California. Julia has dedicated her entire legal career to fighting on behalf of employees since joining the California Bar in 2016.

Background & Education

Julia was born in China and immigrated to the Bay Area as a child. She grew up in Oregon and graduated from University of Oregon before moving down to San Diego to begin her legal education and career. During law school, Julia had the chance to study abroad in Santiago, Chile and intern at the non-profit Fundación de Paz Cuidadana.

Litigation Experience

Julia has substantial litigation experience representing employees on a variety of employment issues, including but not limited to class and PAGA actions involving unpaid overtime, unpaid meal and rest period premiums, unpaid minimum wage, unreimbursed expenses, regular rate of pay violations, inaccurate and incomplete wage statements, paid sick leave violations, vacation payouts, among other types of employment violations.

Julia also has extensive experience handling cases involving public employees and has appeared before the EEOC, MSPB, and military JAGs.

Background & Education

Julia is a firm believer in giving back to the community. When she is not fighting on behalf of employees, she is fighting for animal rights and to end animal cruelty with Lady Freethinker. As an immigrant herself, she understands how difficult the legal system can be to navigate and has volunteered at PALSD’s legal clinics giving free legal advice to those who cannot afford to hire an attorney. Prior to the COVID pandemic, she also volunteered with the Big Brother Big Sisters of America mentoring at risk youths in the greater San Diego area.

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